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Anne G. – Customer Since 1997

Wednesday, Apr. 24th 2019

Anne G. – Customer Since 1997

I used the housecleaning service of Miss Brightsides Maids.  It's a big house.  It's primarily dusting, vacuuming and it's a general surface cleaning.  They do wash the floors regularly. We've had them for ten years or more and they've always been extremely good.  They've always been accommodating.  They do a good job, thorough cleaning.  Sometimes they have two or three people for my house and if they have three, it takes an hour and a half and if they have two; it will take two hours.  I have the same two people every single time and know my house even when people come and go.  I don't have to worry and I know them.  I feel comfortable if I had to run out for a few minutes.  They really care about my business.  At one point they wanted to move my supervisor and I told them that was the most important thing for me.  They made other arrangements so that I kept my supervisor where I am, that's why I stayed with them.  I have nothing really bad to say about them.  They're very responsive.  They're beautiful people.  They always listen to me and they always do everything I think they can do to accommodate me.  They come on scheduled and they did exactly what they're supposed to do.
Anne G. - Customer Since 1997

Anne G. - Customer Since 1997

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