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Mike works to please me. Very flexible on arranging our home to be cleaned. Quite personable and eager to have his house cleaners do their best. He has screened for workers that can be trusted in our home.

Susan M. - Customer Since 1993

Dear Miss Brightsides, That you for helping out for all the great house cleaning!  I appreciate all your good works !  Happy Chinese New Year !!

Cindy Chou

We hired Miss Brightsides Maids to clean our home before moving in. We were very happy with the quality of the service and customer service. Mike was very responsive and helpful and our home was spotless.

Jon S.

bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living-rooms, dusting, floors, vacuuming, ceiling fans, blinds, mopping, polish furniture, take out trash and recyclable. They will do anything you want if you just talk to Mike the owner is a very nice person and Viki & Donna have been doing my house for years now and are perfect.

Miss Brightside's Maids comes in every 2 weeks for the last 2 years for housecleaning services. It is wonderful! They are excellent

Brandy A.

We have used them for about 5 years now. We are satisfied with them. They do a pretty good job.

Marcia R.

I used the housecleaning service of Miss Brightsides Maids.  It's a big house.  It's primarily dusting, vacuuming and it's a general surface cleaning.  They do wash the floors regularly.

We've had them for ten years or more and they've always been extremely good.  They've always been accommodating.  They do a good job, thorough cleaning.  Sometimes they have two or three people for my house and if they have three, it takes an hour and a half and if they have two; it will take two hours.  I have the same two people every single time and know my house even when people come and go.  I don't have to worry and I know them.  I feel comfortable if I had to run out for a few minutes.  They really care about my business.  At one point they wanted to move my supervisor and I told them that was the most important thing for me.  They made other arrangements so that I kept my supervisor where I am, that's why I stayed with them.  I have nothing really bad to say about them.  They're very responsive.  They're beautiful people.  They always listen to me and they always do everything I think they can do to accommodate me.  They come on scheduled and they did exactly what they're supposed to do.

Anne G. - Customer Since 1997
Miss Brightside's Maids come every two weeks and have for about 4 years. They clean the house. They do the floors, the bathroom, the kitchen, dust the surfaces, remake the beds, vacuum, etc. They're willing to do extra work if you ask. They do a good job.

Sarah B. - Customer Since 2009

They do great work, including dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen. They also are very good about alerting me to potential problems that require attention.

Carl H. - Customer Since 1996

It was pretty good. They are just really nice people. They are fair in pricing. They are on time.

Rebecca R.
I use Miss Brightside's Maids for housecleaning. They came to do the work last Friday. They are not excellent but they are good. Sometimes they don’t move things to dust. They are dependable. I would use them in the future.

Sam L. - Customer Since 1998

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